On Local Government Review, 2007-10

I led the Norfolk district council’s policy and research to develop and underpin proposals for new local government structures as well as being part of the team arguing against the resultant Boundary Committee proposals including the judicial review process. I remember unearthing – and being grateful for – documents from previous such exercises in the 1970s and 1990s. Therefore I share the following documents with the hope that they are not lost to history for those following this path in the future, or who just want a record of what happened. I also recommend Michael Chisholm and Steve Leach’s ‘Botched Business‘.

The Local Government Boundary Committee for England was the body charged with reviewing structures. It was abolished in 2010 and its functions subsumed into a new Boundary Commission for England. Some information is also published on their website (link correct as at Dec 2020).

Branding of the public campaign against re-organisation

Perfect illustration of the futility of the exercise: comedy succeeds where so many words fail (EPD 2008).

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