Ian Burbidge

Exploring the conditions for systems change

Strategist, experimenter, writer.

Global citizen, London-based

I help individuals, communities, groups and organisations create the conditions for change. By doing so we bring ideas to life and address the most pressing challenges.

I’ll help you build a lasting capability and capacity for innovation and change and deliver more value as a result. I catalyse change and help address complex problems by blending my experience with insights from various disciplines. 

I bring 20 years of local public service in which I developed strategy, lead partnerships, engaged communities and delivered change programmes. During my six years in a think tank and social change organisation I developed their model of change, embedded it within core processes and applied it in practice through consultancy commissions. 

I have a Masters in Behavioural science from the London School of Economics and a first degree in human and physical geography, supplemented with significant knowledge of  complexity and systems, futures and foresight and innovation and social change.  

Today’s problems and challenges can’t be solved by heroic individuals. Together we can help shift the world in a more positive direction for human-kind and the more-than-human world. 

This is where I share my thinking, ideas and content. By following the links at the top of the page you can find more specific content on:

Age of Interruption
Let me help you curate a focused, calm and productive way of working. Minimise interruption, maximise your wellbeing.

Professional profile
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My offers to you

I can help challenge your thinking and create value by

  • Writing guest articles and provocations
  • Running masterclasses on key concepts, ideas and approaches
  • Hosting workshops to apply these concepts, ideas and approaches in practice
  • Working with you to explore your critical challenges and find ways forward

Do reach out to me if anything here resonates with you – I’m always excited to chat to fellow travellers.