Ian Burbidge

Designing approaches to social challenges

Complex systems Innovation + change Behavioural science Strategy + governance Social Policy

London, UK

I am curious about people, places, change and innovation and why it can be so hard to make things happen.

I have twenty years of public service and have worked for five years in a think tank. My first degree is in human and physical geography from Reading and my masters is in behavioural science from LSE.

In my blogs I explore a range of topics and share my insights about the world, what I’m learning, personal productivity and anything else that provokes me to write.

This is my blog and where I share my thinking, ideas and content. By following the links at the top of the page you can find more specific content on:

Age of Interruption
Let me help you curate a focused, calm and productive way of working. Minimise interruption, maximise your wellbeing.

Professional profile
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Coming in 2021:

Art of Change
Thoughts and insights on why and how social change happens and why it can be so hard for new ideas to stick.