On target setting

I have had to do things as part of my roles in Local Government that made absolutely no logical sense to me, yet they still have to be done, especially when they are a legal requirement, and so I did them to the best that I could. The performance regime in local government is one […]

On co-operation or collaboration

I long mused about the difference between cooperation and collaboration as they are two words often used interchangeably. I was watching a police drama and realised that criminals never collaborate with the police. They cooperate. In doing so they get something and the police get something. Normally a trade-off between information given and potential consequences […]

On motivation and agency

There is a long academic tradition of research into huan motivation and goal attainment – the factors that compel people to strive towards and achieve a goal or ambition, whether to complete a work task, lose weight or do the washing up. On the one hand, those in the behaviourist tradition will show how behaviour […]