My portfolio

Here I curate and share some of my work and writing across a range of topics including systems change, innovation, complex systems and strategy, behaviour change, productivity. I also share downloadable copies of my longer-form publications, documents, decks and reports and illustrate the range of clients I have undertaken consultancy work for.

  • On my RSA publications

    I share here copies of the various publications I’ve authored or co-authored at the RSA, from most recent first. They offer examples of the research programmes I have completed. A stitch in time Realising the value of futures and foresight (October 2020) Seizing the moment The Covid19 response of public services (November 2020) Using economic

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  • On my programmes of work

    Below are a selection of documents and decks I have written or prepared for various previous projects as an illustration of the areas of work I have been involved in. Improving educational attainment This programme set out to mobilise system-wide activity to improve the whole population outcomes for young people, which by every measure were

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  • On my consultancy work

    I’ve delivered a number of consultancy projects as a freelance strategist and within my role at the RSA. I’ve delivered value for a range of clients, including the following.

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  • On Local Government Review, 2007-10

    I led the Norfolk district council’s policy and research to develop and underpin proposals for new local government structures as well as being part of the team arguing against the resultant Boundary Committee proposals including the judicial review process. I remember unearthing – and being grateful for – documents from previous such exercises in the

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