On my RSA publications

I share here copies of the various publications I’ve authored or co-authored at the RSA, from most recent first. They offer examples of the research programmes I have completed.

A Rough Guide to being an entrepreneur. Summary of the learning journey with NHS Lothian’s entrepreneurs.

A stitch in time Realising the value of futures and foresight (October 2020)

Seizing the moment The Covid19 response of public services (November 2020)

Using economic development to improve health (September 2020)

A Basic income for Scotland Designing a bold experiment (May 2019)

Innovation in public finance Opportunities for change (September 2019)

Move fast and fix things How to be a public entrepreneur (August 2018)

Transforming Together Local leadership of place (December 2017)

Think like a system, act like an entrepreneur ASRP Journal (November 2017)

Energy for change Building social movements for health (June 2017)

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