On being a curious generalist

AKA what to expect in this blog.

I’ve never been a ‘t-shaped’ person, going deep on one area of expertise as a mechanical engineer, bomb disposal expert or accountant might*. My career hasn’t followed that path of steadily accumulating more and more knowledge and experience about a specific issue, field or context. I’ve always been lucky enough to follow my instincts and develop skills and knowledge that attract my interest and found myself in spaces where I can develop and test ideas and stretch myself.

But I never do it alone; I’m a ‘We’ person who believes in collaboration and cooperation and that shared challenges need collective responses. As a result I like to think of myself as a curious generalist, driven by my love of learning and innate curiosity and desire to try new ways of approaching often old challenges. In particular I love to cut across disciplines and explore different perspectives on the challenges and issues we face. In my blog I write about these topics and the things I am thinking and reading about, sharing some of the insights I am reflecting on.

Expect musings and provocations on

Some of my areas of experience: Public Policy | Innovation Labs | Community + place | Strategy + performance | Research + engagement 

Some of my areas of knowledge: Complex Systems | Behavioural insights | Innovation + scale | Futures + foresight | Geographical perspectives

  • of course I hate to stereotype, and I am sure that there are many professionals in these categories with multiple deep skillsets they bring to the table

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