On getting content into Evernote

There are numerous ways of getting information into Evernote; the following are listed in order of frequency with which I think I use them:
  1. Google chrome browser plug-in clips web content in various formats – screen grab, full page, simplified article (great for reading) and saves pdfs directly to Evernote. Open a pdf in your browser and you’ll see a ‘Save to Evernote’ option. Or try right clicking on an image you want to save.
  2. Outlook plug-in is a life-saver at work as it enables me to save relevant emails directly to the appropriate project folder in Evernote (of course, if you’ve read my earlier blog about the pitfalls of Outlook you will know that I use it under sufferance!)
  3. Import emails to Evernote from Newton on iPhone and Mac. Newton renders the content better than any others I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few!). Some only embed a hyperlink back to your email programme; this copies the content and any attachments perfectly. An alternative is to simply forward the email to your Evernote email address that you get by default, and it drops the content into your default Evernote folder.
  4. Screen Grabs. With Evernote for Mac you can use the shortcut in the menu bar to grab content too. I particularly use this for screen grabs (all the time):
  5. Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 14.46.06
  6. Drag documents from my desktop straight into Evernote where they will automatically be popped inside a new app
  7. Use Scannable on my iPhone to create pdfs of hard copy documents or images and send them direct to Evernote. This was invaluable when I moved to a paperless set up and archived a lot of old information and paper-based memories I wanted to keep (Scannable is another Evernote app).
  8. Evernote iPhone App allows you to capture content photos, audio clips, notes.
  9. Import Kindle notes using clippings.io  (see my blog on how to do this here)
  10. Email directly to Evernote using your own Evernote email address. You can find this in your account settings. I only occasionally use this because 2 and 3 above cover this.

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