On my programmes of work

Below are a selection of documents and decks I have written or prepared for various previous projects as an illustration of the areas of work I have been involved in.

Improving educational attainment

This programme set out to mobilise system-wide activity to improve the whole population outcomes for young people, which by every measure were falling far short of expectations. It required working across all schools (nearly 100 across primary and secondary) with multiple stakeholders.

As part of this work, the Learning Catalyst programme was specifically addressing educational attainment by working with communities:

Behaviour change (Do something different)

The first District Council-led health programme supporting those in some of our most deprived communities to make positive life changes. The programme was grounded in community and delivered through innovative ‘nudges’ from 2008.

Health and wellbeing

Another broad area of work is health and well-being, where I have focused on understanding the local health economy, integrating services and improving health outcomes – with a particular focus on older people.


I led the development of the Council’s corporate strategy, integrating it with the wider partnership and using outcomes-based accountability to drive performance.

Data analysis

I worked to ensure there was improved understanding of the core issues and challenges facing the area across core partners. Two major achievements were the commissioning of a biannual quality of life survey (example below) and the establishment of the first Data Observatory for a district council. This gave us unparalleled information about the area and this informed strategies (above) and resource allocation.

Additional programmes and work

I have been involved in all aspects of public policy and worked on a full range of social challenges.

Three further programmes I am particularly proud of. I saw the opportunity to be one of the first three local authorities to pilot the time credits programme, now going from strength-to-strength nationally. We established a programme of work around community cohesion to address the rapid migration and population change experienced in an area unused to this (including exploitation and trafficking and the rise of the far right). And working with the Young Foundation we undertook network analysis in communities back in 2011 before it was a thing.